Original Rhythm Team

Original Rhythm Team is an educational project focusing on personal development, building and developing teams, communication, cooperation, time-management and leadership. We use Drum Circle and Corporate drumming methods, so that every participant interactively plays the drum or another rhythmical instrument during the whole session.

Corporate drumming

Corporate drumming is interactive happening, where all participants create rhythm together.  Everyone gets a drum or other percussion instrument and under the lead of a professional coach all the “drummers” contribute to unique fascinating rhythm.

Imagine hundreds of your colleagues creating your original company groove together! The energy that emerges is not only a great entertainment, but has immense power to kick up your team towards higher effectiveness and performance! Experience the thrill of hearing your company’s unique rhythm.

What is the use of Corporate Drumming in a conference? The attention of conference participants can often be distracted or the focus may divert after a coffee – break. The interaction of corporate drumming tunes everybody up within less than ten minutes. The state of mind after the session can be classified as allerted and receptive. Participants‘ brains are fully ready to absorb information.That is the reason why Corporate Drumming is being used worldwide. 

Original Rhythm Team provides interactive workshops for your conferences, kick off meetings and parties for up to 2000 participants! It may take from 15 – 60 minutes and can be performed anywhere – even outdoors. Our service is available throughout the whole of Europe.

Besides the african drums we also use tuned plastic tubes, the famous Boomwhacker. Boomwhackers differ in color and tone. Every participant gets a plastic tube and following the couch’s advise is able to play Beethoven’s Ode To Joy without any musical education or preceding experience. 

Everyone in the room is provided just one Boomwhacker to demonstrate the necessity of team cooperation. One can be the best boomwhacker player but without the other tones the melody can not be created. Only in cooperation and synchronicity with others, beautiful and inspiring melody and harmony emerges. 

The Message of Corporate Drumming has straight connection with corporate values. Everyone should adapt to the common rhythm, perfect timing and united voice. Let us tailor our method to your main ideas and company goals.

Get in touch! Our Original Rhythm Team is ready to be the essential part of your conference, kick off meeting or company party. 

We are ready to play, are you?


Building and developing your team, 8 – 60 participants, but expansion is possible…

Sitting together in a circle and drumming is the oldest form of forming building a community and team cooperation. It has been proved that most ancient cultures practised drumming prior to making any important decision.

Being exposed to and participating in the rhythm brought each tribe member to the common level of perception. While drumming, there are vital rules to be obeyed, such as, listening to others, being able to communicate clearly, to express oneself, timing your decisions, leading others and being supportive and of course, releasing tension and stress.

No wonder these values have been used in the personal development field and business activities in companies and corporates. 

Participants sit around in a circle and use drums and other percussion instruments under the tutelage of a professional lecturer called drum-facilitator. It is not about making music at the first place, but about the experience of finding the common rhythm. During the whole session, everybody is fully engaged in activities and drumming. There is no prior musical education needed, so everybody can join in!

The role of experienced drum-facilitator leading the Circle and introducing the different  techniques is essential. This person introduces the resemblances of musical principles with the ones in real life and work. Facilitator makes sure that every team gets the best out of each drum-circle. 

Original Rhythm Team provides different alternatives of events using drum circle principles. Each session can be focused on particular topics such as: building a new team, communication, leadership, improvisation, stress management, time management…

Drum-circle can take from 50 – 90 minutes session up to intensive 2-days workshop with a coach and team-development supervision. 

As a member of “DRUM CIRCLE FACILITATORS GUILD – DCFG”, we can assure you our lecturers are fully trained and experienced professionals.